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International Journal of Law & Management Studies, founded in February 2016, as a bimonthly inter-disciplinary journal has released six issues as of today, with indexation obtained in more than five databases of value. Further, the journal is registered with the National Science Library, the Indian Center for ISSN and has been allotted the ISSN Number 2455-2771. The journal has then progressed to be included in ROAD (Center for ISSN) and affiliated with the same for indexation. Further, the journal has later been indexed in various databases including International Innovative Journal Impact Factor (IIJIF), Scientific Indexing Services, I2OR Research Databases, Directory of Research Journals Indexing (DRJI), Scholarly Open Access and some others. The IIJIF has assessed an impact factor of around 2.3 for the journal. The journal is owned and published by Agradoot Web Technologies LLP (Harbinger). The Journal operates through the Advisory Board and the Editorial Board as its units of operation. The Advisory Board comprises of superior members from the Bar & professors from eminent law schools and management schools contributing to the growth of the journal and guiding the Editorial Board in the operations of the journal.

The Editorial Board controls the operations of the journal. The Editorial Board comprises of students from various law schools across India and involve in the editorial process and administrative control of operations of the journal. The Editorial Board is headed by the Editor-in Chief and is managed through a Core-Team that consists of four members, being the Managing Editor (IJLMS), Managing Editor (ICLR) and Founding Editor. Further, the Editorial Team comprises of Managing Editor(s) and editors divided into the classes of Associate Editors and Member Editors to help regulate and manage the affairs of the journal. The current Editorial Board of the journal comprises of the members as provided on the website. The Advisory Board regulates and guides the Editorial Board in the review process and other aspects of the journal. The Advisory Board also guides the journal in any other activities the journal may opt to take up. Constant aid and support of the Advisory Board is indispensable for the growth of the journal. As on today, the Advisory Board comprises of the members and in the structure as mentioned on the website.

Other Activities

IJLMS organized the 1 st IJLMS Justice H.R. Khanna Memorial Essay Competition 2016 in association with IP Markets, a law firm based in Hyderabad in honour of Justice H.R. Khanna, one of the finest Jurists India had ever known. This Legal Essay Competition was organized in the month of May 2016. This competition invited Essays from across India and about 110 registrations were received. An Organizing Committee was constituted for the smooth conduct of the Essay Competition which was from the Student Editorial Board. Post the Abstract Selection Round, the top 20 Abstracts were selected by the Organizing Committee and submission of essays for the final round followed. Students from KIIT Law School, Bhubaneshwar and Chanakya National Law University Patna emerged as Winners & Runners Up respectively. The journal will be organizing the second edition of the competition this year.

International Journal of Law & Management Studies has also organized the 1st IJLMS Judgment Writing Competition in the month December 2016 – January 2017 in association with RostrumLegal as E-Knowledge Partner, Foundation for Democratic Reforms as Knowledge Partner and Lawctopus as Media Partner. 1st International Journal of Law & Management Studies Judgment Writing Competition 2016 is a venture of the journal to explore into the area of legal education to increase and promote qualitative legal research by looking at practical aspects of implementation of laws studied by law students. The Judgment Writing Competition looks at a broad aspect of how laws learnt about in classrooms are actually put to effect and implemented in courtrooms where facts play a crucial role and law is applied to these facts to set binding legal precedents and pave way for judge-made law. This competition seeks to capture the spirit of judges and decision-making from young law students aspiring to join the esteemed Judicial Services and also is a small effort to infuse the vital role that judgments play in a society, especially when Judicial Activism is on such a rise and is paving way in India.